with Dogs

What you need:

- Yoga mat

- Water

Comfortable workout clothes


Your companion:

- Pet Friendly

- Trained

- Copy of vaccinations 

This can be emailed OR hard copy 

For more information call:


This unique and fun opportunity to practice yoga while interacting with pups will be led by renowned teacher Naya Rappaport. Those who wish to participate but do not have a dog are invited to take the yoga class with one of the adoptable pets from Tri-County.   This class will be held once a month at Tri-County Animal Rescue, 21287 Boca Rio Road, Boca Raton. 


Well behaved and socially friendly pets on non-retractable leashes are welcome. Owners must bring a copy of the pet’s current medical records in order to participate.


Each session is $15 and is a 100% donation to Tri-County.


“This class will be therapeutic for both the humans and the dogs, and it will create a community of like-minded people who love animals,” said Ms. Rappaport.  “Participants will interact with their fur babies or adoptable dogs by massaging their paws, body, head and neck, while doing poses.”

For more information, call Melissa Baum at 561-482-8110 or visit


About Tri County Animal Rescue:

Tri-County Animal Rescue believes that every cat and dog—regardless of breed, gender, temperament, etc.—deserves to live a happy and healthy life. The organizations mission aims to shelter and provide a comfortable home for all animals placed in its facility.