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Florida-based photographer, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and movement advocate.

As a yoga teacher Naya believes yoga is for every BODY, human, gender, and age. Yoga’s all about the journey because it is a lifetime practice and way of life. Yoga never stops revealing new lessons— a discovery that she first made while committing to a daily practice over 8 years ago. Today, she teaches yoga in her community, travels internationally, has online classes and hosts yoga retreats.

Early 2019 Naya teamed up with Tri-County Animal Rescue (non kill) shelter in Boca Raton, FL. She merged her passion of yoga and animals to create #DownDogWithDogs a Doga class. This class helps spread awareness about the shelter, allows adoptables to interact with an hour of playtime + love, along with guiding participants to move their bodies and decreasing stress! The class is a $15 donation in which ALL proceeds go to Tri-County Animal Rescue.

Naya teamed up with her best friend Ashley Ricardo to host beach cleanups. The foundation (in progress) is called #BikiniBeachCleanup and has gotten the attention of local and international news. Their attention grabbing goal is to spread awareness about plastic pollution, protect marine life , create conscious community and inspire everyone to decrease their plastic intake.

“Beautiful practice. Naya never fails to bring passion and joy to the mat."


"Love, Love, Love #NaturalRhythm series. Even when something is difficult Naya is so awesome at keeping you engaged and positive."


"Something is your voice that's kept my fears subside!! Fantastic class!!"

Katee Blaire

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