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Naya Rappaport

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Yoga for better sleep, Naya Yoga Teacher, Yoga School

About Naya

E-RYT® 500, YACEP® & 220hr Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Naya is a latina yoga practitioner based in South Florida and recognized as an international celebrity yoga teacher, movement advocate, entrepreneur and social media content creator in the health and wellness sphere.

As a studio co-owner of Space Unknown she teaches a weekly Vinyasa & Kundalini classes. With over a decade of practice and thousands of hours of teaching she leads a 200hr and 300hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Delray Beach. Annually she leads global retreats and workshops.

Naya has partnered with Alo Yoga for over 7 years. Additionally she has created a series of classes for the fitness app ALO MOVES . Classes vary from Yoga for Better Sleep, Hip Mobility, Evening Vinyasa, Shoulder Release to meditation practices. One of her main goals is to make the asana, postural practice, accessible for everyone.

A passionate yoga teacher, Naya brings her unique touch to every class - using inspiration from yoga philosophy to create theme-based classes. As a teacher, she is focused on sharing the lessons of traditional yogic teachings with her students, and reminding them of their inner divinity. 

“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” - BKS IYENGAR


"When taking Naya's Power Vinyasa Class at Space Unknown, I am able to receive a full body workout , a cosmic journey, and enjoy a wonderful meditation sequence during savasana. Naya's voice is powerful yet delicate which allows me to focus on my breath while she is administering class. Naya’s teaching method allows me to challenge myself for different poses. Her cues are very helpful and she is great at letting everyone know they can modify their pose so they can experience a vinyasa that fits their experience. Her touch assistance helps those go deeper into poses, avoid any injuries, or simply make one feel better in the pose. Taking Naya’s class has allowed me to grow in my yoga practice. She is open to answering questions, sharing wonderful moralistic and powerful stories to remind us to remain positive, shed our ego, and remain strong through difficult times. Her class offers such a safe place to practice and learn the names of poses as well as modifications. I will always take Naya’s class at any opportunity I get. I’ve been to multiple yoga studios and practiced with a diversity of teachers. Naya has been the only teacher to help me grow once again and feel safe and strong. Without Naya, I wouldn’t be where I am today in regard to my yoga practice. Space unknown is a beautiful studio to practice in as well. The atmosphere genuinely makes you feel as if you are in a space unknown. I’m overjoyed to have met Naya, practice with her, and practice in a beautiful studio. You won’t regret a class taught by her and you will feel more powerful in regard to your yoga practice." - Jordanna B.


"Extremely welcoming environment. Regardless of experience level. I felt comfortable and really enjoyed the practice. I was intimidated before going because I had never been to this studio or tried kundalini before. Very immersive, healing, challenging and rewarding. Left completely yoga stoned. Excited to go back"

"Love, Love, Love #NaturalRhythm series. Even when something is difficult Naya is so awesome at keeping you engaged and positive."

"Naya has the best bedtime series on ALOMOVES!"

"​I have been taking weekly private lessons with Naya for almost two years.  I originally went with intention of learning how to do a handstand, which I am now able to do, and more. I am grateful to Naya that I not only reached my initial goal, but also surpassed it.
Naya’s privates explore more than just asanas.  She teaches breath work, yogic philosophy, meditation and history.  Her yoga knowledge seems endless and I still learn new things every lesson.  If you want to take a deeper dive into your practice and take things to the next level, I highly recommend it." - Adam W.

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