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Natural Rhythm


Connect to your Natural Rhythm. This powerful vinyasa series will bring fluidity and grace to your practice by tapping into the four elements of fluid movement: body awareness, flexibility, strength, and confidence. You’ll express each element in the first four classes, then tie it all together with one final rhythmic flow. Each creative sequence will light up every muscle in your body as you synchronize breath with fierce and fearless movement. Prepare to find magic in your moves and own your space on the mat.

In this series, you will: 
- Balance strength and softness 
- Tap into your power and flexibility 
- Gain control and body awareness

Core Fire

Awaken your core with this playful ab class. You’ll begin by stoking the flame with Kapalabhati breath, then move into core-strengthening exercises such as eagle crunches, hollow body holds, plank work, and down dog crunches.